Services and Rates

Welcome Table MassageAt The Welcome Table office, I offer a 40 minute massage ($55) for specific body areas that need attention, a 60 minute massage ($75) if you’d like a general full body massage (or a partial body massage with longer work on specific areas or trigger points). I also offer 75 minute ($85) and 90 ($100) minute full body massages.  

Because the best massage is a combination of strokes of different depths, speeds, and pressure, I integrate several techniques into each massage depending on your preferences and needs. These include:

Welcome Table Massage

Deep Tissue Massage – Using deeper pressure, I’ll alleviate your muscle soreness and “knots”, and relieve chronic pain. When I find specific tender points, I’ll use Trigger Point Therapy, a pinpointed deep static pressure and frictioning, that will stimulate and release those muscle fibers. Relief from the muscle “knot” can be instantaneous. Tension and pain in other areas of the body (referred pain) caused by the knotted muscle fibers is alleviated as well.

Swedish Massage – Swedish Massage is known for its relaxing effects. I’ll use a light to moderate pressure with rhythmic long strokes to stimulate your circulation, warm your muscles, and help you move from stress, aches, and pains to relaxation, pain relief, and flexibility.

Shiatsu Integration – Shiatsu is an ancient healing technique, also known as Acupressure. During your massage, I’ll use finger and palm pressure as needed along specific points along the “meridians” or body pathways, to stimulate your qi (energy).  This powerful ancient Eastern form of healing is known to relieve headache, joint pain, sinus issues, and much more.


chair-massageChair Massage at the Welcome Table Office – For those who want a “massage-to-go” during which they can stay fully clothed and have a faster in and out of the office time, or for those with issues that make lying on a massage table uncomfortable, I offer 30 minute chair massage in my office. All of the techniques I’ve listed above can be performed in a massage chair.


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 I want your experience (and mine) to be as healthy as possible,  so I use only 100% organic unscented non-allergenic pure Jojoba*, and non-toxic Core Butter** (cocoa butter) as massage lubricants.

*Because Hobacare Organic Jojoba is similar to our skin’s natural oils, it is non-allergenic, can be used on the most sensitive skin, and will not clog pores.

**Cocoa butter warms muscles and gives the perfect amount of grip and glide, which makes it very effective for deep tissue/myofascial work especially on the neck and back. Although it is not strictly organic, the cocoa butter that I use contains only cocoa butter, safflower oil, beeswax, and vitamin E. It is non-toxic and has a slight scent of (yup) chocolate. If you have any issues with this scent and would prefer that I not use this lubricant during your massage, just let me know.


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Contact me at 401-741-7218 or

40 minute table massage - $55
60 minute table massage – $75
75 minute table massage - $85
90 minute table massage – $100

I accept cash or checks.
(No tips please.)

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