“I’ve never had a table massage before, what will happen when I get there?”

When you arrive, I’ll ask you to complete some paperwork, then we’ll sit and talk for a few minutes about your goals for the massage, your medical history and current medications, and any physical problems you’re experiencing.

Then I will leave the room to give you privacy to undress to your comfort level, get onto the massage table, and cover yourself with the drape (sheet). During the massage, you will always be draped for comfort and privacy. I will undrape only the part of your body that I’m working on, and redrape before moving to the next area. During the massage, I will also check in with you about your comfort level and encourage you to let me know if you’d like deeper or lighter pressure. For a massage”oil”, I use unscented organic jojoba. Jojoba produces significant quantities of liquid wax esters akin to the natural restorative esters human sebaceous glands produce.

After the session when you’re dressed, we’ll sit again and have the opportunity to talk about any changes you experienced from the massage, what I observed, and, if needed, any stretches you could do at home, or lifestyle changes you could make, to extend your healing process.

Please be assured that all of our contact, although friendly and welcoming, will always be professional and confidential.

“If we talk before and after the session, should I arrive before my scheduled appointment time?”

You should arrive at your scheduled appointment time. There is no need for you to arrive early. But because we will take a few minutes before and after your massage to talk, please allow more time for your total visit so your actual massage time will not be decreased.

“How do I schedule an appointment?”

To schedule an appointment, please leave a message at 401-741-7218 or at c2sea@verizon.net. I will make every effort to schedule your appointment at a convenient time for you. If you need to cancel an appointment, please contact me at least 24 hours before your appointment time. If you must cancel at the last minute due to an emergency or an illness, or you need to reach me immediately, please call 401-741-7218.

“Won’t I be cold under just a sheet?”

As someone who gets cold easily when still, I always make sure that my clients are comfortably warm. In the cooler months, I use a full length heating pad under the sheets. I also use a cover blanket and have a heated blanket on hand if you need it. You’ll be cozy!

“How can massage help me?”
  • increase blood circulation to promote healing;
  • support lymphatic circulation to boost the immune system and expel toxins;
  • release muscle tension and “knots”;
  • help manage chronic pain;
  • increase joint flexibility and improve posture;
  • encourage relaxation;
  • relieve stress, anxiety, head aches, and muscle pain;
“Why did you choose the name, The Welcome Table?”

I chose the name “The Welcome Table” Therapeutic Massage, because it signifies how I want my clients to feel (especially those who have never experienced a massage) when they walk into my office. But there is also a history to this phrase. “The Welcome Table” had its first roots in religious/spiritual culture, but became more widely recognized in the 1950’s and 60’s when the Civil Rights Movement adopted the term to signify the future they hoped would someday become reality. Many of us can remember the amazing courage of those young African American men and women who were repeatedly attacked while they sat non-violently at “all-white” lunch counters. A gospel song heard often at that time started with the phrase, “I’m gonna sit at the Welcome Table one of these days.” I hope my massage table will feel welcoming to all in the long tradition of its name.

“Healthy Balance of Mind-Body-Spirit = Wellness”

Please contact me with any questions you have. Remember – no question is a stupid question!

Carole Costanza at 401-741-7218 or c2sea@verizon.net